Wedding Rings Design

Silver ring price in India is very diverse. As well as silver jewelry India cloud of pure silver 925 ring lovers accessories sold for US $ 102.97. While the new […]

Spoon rings are a jewelry project you can create. The spoon ring is an interesting item, because although it is still popular today, it actually has a fairly long history. […]

Pakistan as well as the engagement ring with sapphire diamond ring that sold for US$ 6,050.00. There was also a heart shaped diamond ring that sold for US $ 1,875.00. […]

Emeralds are next on the list of gemstones, but these precious minerals possess a number of useful qualities. An emerald is actually a stone called beryl. While most people think […]

Silver wedding ring for women as well as black diamond ring. In contrast to conventional diamonds, which are composed of a single crystal, black diamonds are made up of millions […]

This brief introduction will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to place and remove gems from ring settings. You’ll learn what tools are needed, what the basic techniques […]

The 925 means that it’s 92.5% silver which is high enough grade to be sterling. RJ may be for RJ Graziano who does a lot of work in costume jewelry […]